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ODM/OEM One-stop cosmetic brand service processing
Guangdong Xinyingrong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Xinyingrong Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009. It is a comprehensive cosmetics enterprise with a complete industrial chain layout integrating technology research and development, product production, product processing, brand management and e-commerce
Its three magic hair craftsmen and Shaohuamei have become the representatives of high-quality, low-cost and outstanding domestic brands among consumers. Its products include shampoo and hair care products, hair styling products, cleaning skin care products, etc.
Xinyingrong keeps up with the trend of the times, organically integrates traditional industries with the Internet, and constantly innovates. Relying on online communication, accurate docking of professional teams and high-quality services, Xinyingrong aims to build a new ecological circle of the washing and care industry, and gradually realize the zero of factories and terminals. distance.
Certificates of honor Certificates of honor Certificates of honor
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GMPC standardization GMPC standardization GMPC standardization
We have established a 10,000 m2 high-tech modern factory, which was built in strict accordance with the national GMPC standard, as well as a Class 100,000 clean and dust-free manufacturing workshop. The company has achieved ISO 22716 International Cosmeti